Chester Streetscape

Chester, CT has a well-deserved reputation as a charming historic village on the Connecticut River containing historic architecture and local businesses including art studios, restaurants and boutiques. The streetscape and infrastructure has deteriorated however and the Town initiated a master planning process in 2012. K+F was selected as planning consultant and completed the Master Plan in 2013.

The resulting plan replaced and widened sidewalks in key locations, created a central plaza for community events and informal uses, connected public parking to the village center with sidewalks and installed wayfinding signage at key locations. Other improvements include pedestrian scale lighting, street trees, bike racks, benches, and historical references incorporated into paving, walls and fences.

By 2016, East Main Street and the downtown bridge over the Pattaconk Brook have been reconstructed. K+F commenced detailed design of the village center in 2017.