Mystic Seaport Museum – Thompson Exhibition Building

Kent + Frost in collaboration with Centerbrook Architects has redesigned the Mystic Seaport Museum North Campus. This includes a transformation of the former Anchor Circle into a flexible, multi-use gathering space renamed the McGraw Gallery Quad.  A principal objective of the project was to create an iconic exhibition building and gathering space that would serve as a new gateway entrance for the public. The project has increased the usable space of the square by creating a coherent landscape framed by the courtyard’s four main exhibit buildings.

The site was designed with the intent of accessibility and site sustainability including native plantings and re-use of existing materials.  Storm water is absorbed and treated through permeable paving and treated prior to discharge to the Mystic River.  The redesigned Gallery Quad now serves as the nucleus of the Seaport’s North Campus, hosting educational events, performances and community events throughout the year